The Convictions Of A Person 's Convictions

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Convictions Paper A person’s convictions are beliefs that are strong enough to control their actions. Convictions, typically derived from one’s values, motivations, and life events (Warren, 2014). Howard Hendricks said “A belief is something you will argue about. A conviction is something you will die for!” But how do our personal convictions compare to biblical truths? This belief system is a decision proper behaviors, acceptable or not. All too often Christians confuse the difference between those truths versus our personal convictions (Barrier, 2012). Convictions are simply a result of prior training and life experience. Conscience and the learned values, traditions, and motivations that form that conscience is the controlling factor in many convictions. There are, however, limits when these decisions are being made. For instance, legalism. Legalism is as it sounds. This is a list of rules, self-defined rules. We adapt to those rules and expect others to do the same. Next is libertinism. Libertinism, is explained as taking liberties. We take liberties in that the Bible has not directly forbidden specific things so we are not breaking any rules by doing them. Among these limits are four convictions to avoid. They are convictions that are little more than superstition, convictions that attract attention for a selfish ego, convictions generated by an unwillingness to accept change, and convictions that are negative (Johnston, 2012). Some common…
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