The Cookie Trail And Obesity

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The Cookie Trail to Obesity There is a epidemic facing that has facing Americans for years. It’s not the regular epidemic that people are used to such as illness or some other outbreak. Obesity is affecting people of every age and gender more in the past ten years, then from the years 1900-1999. According to research done by the National Institute of Health, 1 in 3 adults are considered obese and 1 in 6 children ages ranging from 6 to 19 year old are considered obese today. This makes us the number one most obese nation in the world. Compared to the 1960s, the average American today is 24 pounds heavier says research from Trust for America’s Health. Why is this though, that obesity has tripled for adults and doubled for Children? Could it…show more content…
It only takes an excess of 3,500 calories for a single pound of fat, which the average American take in an extra 300-500 calories a day. The biggest contributor to this are the processed foods such as microwavable meals and fast food restaurants. There is 560 calories in a McDonald’s Big Mac. Then you also have how much fat is being consumed. If something has a high calorie count, it well also have a high fat count. Also more food you eat, on average more fat you take in. Not all fats are bad. Avoid trans fat and saturated fat because these are the worse forms of fat. Just like with sugar, there are secret names for fats on the label of foods. Then there 's all the extra sugar in foods and drinks. In a 16 oz bottle of sprite there are 64 grams of sugar. Too much sugar can mess with your insulin levels, which then stops or slows the movement of sugar through the bloodstream. This then causes an increase of lipid and fats in your body causing you to gain weight. A single pack of M&M’s is more fat then you should have a day. Then you have labels that read zero sugar, yet in most of the ingredients you find the names of artificial sugars that can have an even worse effect on your body than real sugar. The easiest way to notice if you have too much sugar is your lower belly. Like you can have a beer belly, your lower belly holds and contain most of the fat from sugar. If you notice it sticking out quite a bit, you probably take in too much sugar. Then you have the
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