The Cooper Hewitt Fellowship And Tell Us Why You Decided

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From your perspective, what is the significance of the Cooper Hewitt Fellowship and tell us why you decided to apply for it?
 The namesake of the Cooper Hewitt Museum has a rich cross-generational design background. Peter Cooper Hewitt was an American electrical engineer and inventor, who invented the first mercury-vapour lamp in 1901. He was the grandson of Peter Cooper, who designed locomotive engines, produced iron rails, glue, patented gelatine, and oversaw the advancement of telecommunications. The family has a rich and solid heritage with considerable forethought and epitomises the truest sense of ‘design thinking’. They were problem solvers who lived modestly and continued to help build a better world. Peter Cooper was an American industrialist, inventor, philanthropist, and candidate for President of the United States, who had a strong sense for the need of education, and for many years served as head of the Public School Society. Peter Cooper Hewitt’s father was also at one stage a teacher. The generations of family continually tinkered with things, they were visionaries that saw opportunity, particularly where it helped others by actively thinking, innovating and discovering. Daughters, Sarah and Eleanor Hewitt, were very passionate about allowing others a place to think and learn creatively. Their legacy continues to radicalise education today. As educators, it is fair to say, we are in the midst of unparalleled change. Technology and globalisation has

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