The Coors Brewing Industry : Great Growth And Expansion

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The Coors brewing industry had many ups and downs throughout its history dating back to its start in 1873 (Adolf Coors in the Brewing Industry). There were times of great growth and expansion that would get interrupted by numerous different setbacks. Some were small and some led to extreme changes. It sounds similar to any type of business. However, the different generations of the Coors family seemed to find ways to usually compete with their competitors and maintain the success of the company. It was also very challenging. Different changes had to be made for each new obstacle that came their way. Over a century has gone by since its start in Golden, Colorado, and the business seems to still be available in stores around the world…show more content…
Another way they reduced some of their cost was by not pasteurizing their beer (Adolf Coors in the Brewing Industry). It did have to be refrigerated so the use of energy was the alternative. It did not save much money, but Coors was finding different ways to reduce costs and ultimately be more profitable than its competitors, especially in the west region of the United States. It had a huge plant that was continuing to use most of the beer that was being produced. Coors was in control until much of their competition began to also expand west. One of the reasons for the downturn in the Coors industry was due to the fact that their competitors began to minimize their costs similar to what they had done. It was no longer a strong advantage like it had been previously. Coors had very limited suppliers and were beginning to not produce enough to meet the demands of their primary market ( ). Their major plant was a massive, efficient factory that had become the leader in manufacturing. The problem was that consumers were experiencing a shortage of beer. The process had been effective, but the shortage appeared to allow others brands to enter into a place that Coors was controlling. The threat of new entrants was at an all time high and Coors had no way of stopping them. This became one of the biggest challenges for the Coors industry. They were no longer the powerhouses. Things were about to

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