The Core Arguments Of Hershey Company

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The core arguments of Hershey Company in this case are very clearly stated. Senator Steve Hershey used their company’s Trade Dress on multiple campaign signs for multiple elections. In 2002, Mr. Hershey was running for commissioner of Queen Anne’s County in Maryland. He used a design for his campaign that looked very similar to a Hershey’s chocolate bar wrapper. The background was brown, the lettering was white, and the font was bolded in all capital letters. In 2010, Steve Hershey used a design that looked even more similar to a Hershey’s chocolate bar wrapper than the one he had used previously. This campaign sign had a brown background, white bolded font, all capital letters, and included a white border. In 2014, Steve Hershey used a campaign logo with a two-toned brown Maryland flag background, his last name in all capital bolded letters, similar font, and underneath read, “state senate.” Despite having the same name, Steve Hershey is not affiliated with The Hershey Company in any way. The Hershey Company believed that Steve Hershey’s use of their Trade Dress could cause confusion amongst the general public. When the Hershey Company contacted Steve Hershey for the first time in 2002, they wrote him a letter asking him to stop using the Hershey’s Trade Dress. In 2010, The Hershey Company contacted Mr. Hershey again and urged him to stop using their Trade Dress, but they allowed him to use those campaign signs for the primary election only. The Hershey Company and Mr.

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