The Core Competencies Of Public Health Essay

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One of the core competencies of public health is partnership and collaboration, and over the years, the need for collaborative partnerships between primary care and public health has grown substantially. Studies have shown that collaborative partnerships between primary care and public health working together towards a common goal, is essential for improving health quality (Valaitis, 2012). Bramalea Community Health Centre (BCHC) is a non-profit organization located at 40 Finchgate Boulevard (Suite 224), Brampton Ontario. This organization is a community governed organization funded by the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and is a partner within the broader Health Care System (Bramalae Community Health Centre, 2016). BCHC is committed to providing inclusive, accessible, and sustainable programs and services to the members of Bramalae community who face the most significant barriers to accessing primary health care, and who are the most negatively impacted by social and environmental determinates of health (BCHC, 2016). This organization delivers innovative client-centered services through the use of various interdisciplinary teams such as physicians, nurses, community health educators, medical office assistants, dieticians, a social worker, and a physiotherapist (BCHC, 2016). Some of the services rendered by BCHC are; providing primary health care with doctors and nurses; helping people prevent or manage diabetes; developing after school programs to support youth;
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