The Core Concept Of Nursing

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Theory is a cluster of concept or ideas that propose a view concerning a phenomenon to guide nursing practice (Chitty, 2005). The four concepts basic to nursing that are incorporated in this paper are nursing, person, health, and environment (Cherry & Jacob, 2005). The goal of this paper is to describe the core concept of nursing shared amongst Dorothea Orem and Virginia Henderson’s theories. The comparison and analysis of concept definitions between these two theories will also examined. Finally Henderson’s theory of concept statement, metaparadigm and her philosophy will be explored.
The Core Concept Common to Orem and Henderson’s Theory The core concept that is similar to both Orem and Henderson’s Theory is the practice of nursing to support the recovery from illness to achieve optimal health (Administration, 2011).
Henderson 14 basic needs specifies general focus for patient care. The focal role of the nurse is to help patients if they were incapable of performing these 14 basic needs independently (Chitty, 2005). Henderson also stressed the significance of nurses in fostering health, inhibition, and management of diseases. In the same manner, according to Orem, nursing focuses on persons with disabilities to sustain continuous provision of health care. Nursing is needed when patients are unable to function fully to support life, maintain health, and recover from injury or diseases (George, 2011).
According to Henderson, the nurse is accountable for recognizing…
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