The Core Concepts Of God

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The quote from Benner about finding God in our authentic self, appeals to me. My concept of God has shifted over the years, and as I consider the purest form of God to be love, I agree with the quote. In this essay I will discuss how I consider two of the core concepts of God and relate them to my development. I will show, using journal entries, how I have developed over the last two years at Vision College, and how this self-development has been a surprising and painful journey. I will show my plans for ongoing development, travelling from self-discovery to self-acceptance to self-love.

The first concept to discuss is forgiveness, a paramount doctrine of Christianity and mentioned frequently in the Bible. The Biblical principle is that God forgave our wrongs and so we are to follow the example and forgive each other. Forgiveness of sin healed a man of paralysis. Matthew 9v2 (NIV Bible) tells us a moving story of how unforgiveness can paralyse a person and render them unable to move in a certain way (Pritchard, 2005). Personally, I believe forgiveness entwines with understanding. Once I understood my Mother’s position, forgiveness of her faults inevitably followed (Journal Entry 1).

In addition, forgiveness as a central theme includes the concept of self-forgiveness. There is the view that we must forgive ourselves, that when we relinquish the view of ourselves of having to be perfect, we allow others the permission to fail (Chittister, 2010). Love keeps no…

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