The Core Decision Criteria For Nyassa

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Decision Criteria

The core decision criteria for Nyassa is to seize and retain new markets, Execution of the strategy that supports business profitability and sustainability, keep the current customer pool and confirm its authority as an exclusive/premium product, contributions of capital and the time-management need to be considered as well.
1. The psychologically maintenance of Nyassa brand 's perception as a premium/natural.

2. Constant R&D and innovation bring competitive edge for Nyassa to differentiate it from other brands.
3. All strategies including branding, pricing packaging should be kept align with its mission.
4. Value creation should be attempted through innovation and lines in harmony with the market forecasting and should be aligned with global standardization.
5. Higher priority to engage with B2B customers due to higher market share than B2C customers, but still keep the B2C interaction as secondary source of revenue. (Appendix

Short-Term Recommendation

1. Harmonizing strategy of staying local and going global: areas of focus for Nyassa at a global level include brand awareness and strategic marketing planning and budgeting (stay within their allocated budget and help from venture capitalist), large-scale marketing campaigns, social media approach and R&D. Nyassa needs to research the markets and take the time to get to know the international teams they will be working with. Nyassa’s areas best accomplished locally include local outreach initiatives…
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