The Core Elements Of My Research Topic, African American Males On Higher Education

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Introduction In my first memo, I focused on the core elements of my research topic, African-American males in higher education. Since our last meeting, I have taken time to reflect on your suggestions, and think about how to revamp my research questions and purpose statement. Most important, I have taken time to do self-reflection. Self-Reflection In a somewhat different approach to my first memo, I started this memo with my reflective thoughts. I took this approach because it lends to the process of discovery, me discovering myself in the research. Therefore, I find it necessary to tell my story, not all of it, but some of the key components. I am taking QUAL 8410 with Dr. deMarrais, and in a recent meeting with her, we took a deep…show more content…
I had feelings of guilt because I had always been told “it’s your civic duty to get involved”. This notion is particularly the case within the Black community. Well, at least it was in mine. Now comes my story on being involved in the church. I originate from a rather large and prominent church. My church congregation was comprised of: educators, lawyers, doctors, and a ton of awesome musicians, I being one of them. Within the leadership of our church, there was fierce competition. On any given Sunday if you were involved in the production of the morning service and did not bring your “A” game, you would be asked to step aside and let someone else take the reins. Now, given my personality, type-A, I am all for excellence. However, as a member of our music ministry and pastoral staff, the constant “jockeying and vying” for a position I experienced at my church, took a toll on my confidence. I will now refer to my original statement regarding my assumptions. As an African-American male, my membership in a marginalized group has an influence my lived experiences. Much of my story encompasses microaggressions, and various racial injustices, which I could justify as the reason for my research interest. Conversely, the focal point of my research interest is my story of transformation which freed me from my past assumptions of having to measure up. Through the process of transformation. My process of transformation lead me to understand that my previous
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