The Core Essence Of ' Servant Leadership ' From A Biblical Perspective

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As a Doctoral candidate and a Singles Adult Ministry leader, I believe it is vitally important to understand the tasks and challenges, in becoming an effective leader in ministry and our society today. Therefore, this research paper will attempt to articulate the core essence of ‘Servant Leadership’ from a Biblical perspective, which might be able to provide practical, theological, and hermeneutical insights in order to develop leadership competency and a healthy prosperous ministry, as oppose to the current secular ‘leadership’ myths and fascination in our church, culture and society. Admittedly, over the years I have always admired and strived to adopt a servant leader attitude in all my endeavors. Equally, the paper will reflect on ‘Servant Leadership’ through the lens of Jesus and Paul, from a socio historical perspective, as a foundational framework that will shape and support the development of my ministry. INTRODUCTION Over the past century a majority of researchers have conducted topics on leadership, which has produced many theories and diverse views on the philosophy of leadership. As a result, there is no one definition or philosophy that can define leadership. Respectively, each person is free to choose or develop the elements that best describes their philosophy on leadership, in order to manage one’s contextualize situation, as well as, getting others to participate in a common shared goal and the accomplishments. In essence, my philosophy of

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