The Core Features Of Teacher Professional Development

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CHAPTER II REVIEW OF LITERATURE Chapter II presents a review of the previous research in five areas. First, it presents a review of brief history, importance and the core features of teacher professional development. Second, it presents main stages and primary models of teacher professional development. Third, it presents the role of principal leadership in a teacher’s professional growth. Fourth, it presents a review of some cases of successful and unsuccessful teacher professional development programs of American public schools, and some reasons for failure of professional development programs. Finally, it presents the basic concepts and principles of National Staff Development Council’s professional development framework and its importance and application in teacher professional development process. History, Importance, and Main Features Brief History of Teacher Professional Development The educational reform movement in the United States has set ambitious goals and many factors contribute to accomplish them. However, many researchers accept the fact that improvement in the teachers’ instructional beliefs and practices lead to academic improvement (Birman at el., 2000; Cuban, 2009; Garet et al, 2000; Glickman, 2002). Furthermore, student outcomes mostly rely on teachers and their teaching (Haycock, 1998). Realization of this fact led educational scholars and policy makers to consider professional development opportunities for teachers to enhance their knowledge and
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