The Core Leaders That Govern Bristol Myers Squibb

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The core leaders that govern Bristol-Myers Squibb have been stable for the past 4 years. The current Chairman of the Board of Directors, James Cornelius, MBA, was chosen in May 2010 after being CEO of BMS from 2006-2008. The following individuals are board members for BMS. Giovanni Caforio has been the Chief Operations Officer since May 2010, and a board member since 2009. He has a MD degree from the University of Rome. Lewis Campbell is a retired Chairman and former CEO of Textron with a BS in mechanical engineering. Laurie Glimcher is heavily involved with Cornell Medical College and University as provost since 2012; she received her MD from Harvard. Michael Grobstein is a retired vice chairman and partner of Ernst and Young with a CPA and Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Alan Lacy is Senior Advisor to Oak Hill Capital Partners and received his MBA from Emory University. Thomas Lynch Jr is highly involved at Yale Medical School and is Director of the Yale Cancer Center after having received his MD from Yale. Dinesh Paliwal is the CEO of Harman International Industries with an MBA and MS in Engineering from Miami University. Gerald Storch is Chairman and CEO of Storch Advisors with an MBA from Harvard. Vicki Sato is a Professor of Management Practice at Harvard with an AM and PhD from Harvard. Togo West is Chairman of Tli Leadership Group with a law degree from Howard University (all biographical information obtained from the BMS company website). Bristol-Myers Squibb’s

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