The Core Product Of Ryanair

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Levitt’s Total Product Concept:

The Core Product:
The core product of Ryanair is air transportation that fits in with their strategy of low cost and no frills (LCNF).

The Actual Products:
Planes - They buy them in bulk increase the number of seats to 808 allowing them to have more customers per flight. They have more customers per plane than other similar companies e.g. Aer Lingus.
Seats - Are plastic and easy to clean, making airport turnarounds more efficient. By having low quality seats they are able to fit more in the space available. This meets the company’s criteria of keeping costs down and passing the savings on to the consumer.
Secondary Airports - Ryanair’s use of secondary airports is another aspect of their low cost model because its mean they pay cheaper fee to land and take off, again they can pass these savings onto the consumer..
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The website was an extremely 'high load' environment, packed with bright colours, information, special offers and advertising. While visiting their website one was bombarded with additional extras such as car hire, hotels and even Ryanair games.
In recent months, as part of their image and reputation overhaul Ryanair have completely redesigned their website. They have transformed it into a much 'lower load' environment, more accessible and all round easier to use. The home page is now more visually appealing and incorporates a simplified layout. The colour scheme of dark and light blues is more calming and it encourages the customer to browse for longer.
Ryanair have made their website more professional, realistic and in-keeping with the norm for airline websites. They have ditched the cartoon airplanes and ‘bubbly font’ for a more sophisticated and elegant design. Thus, increasing the appearance of the tangible aspects of their business, which is important as theirs is a very intangibly dominant
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