The Core Qualities of Taylorism Essay

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Taylorism refers to a systematic way of business decision making based on the on the qualitative research of data and testing. Frederick Winslow Taylor was the one who introduced scientific management, which reformed the production line entirely. No one can stop admiring his contribution regardless of whether he believed in Taylorism or not. Scientific management was extremely popular when it was introduced and is still popular even today. The core qualities of taylorism and the related criticisms, along with their applications in the today’s business world in the subsequent paragraphs.
Taylor introduced scientific management, which has formed the theory of management and examines work in order to improve productivity of labour. He
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It may also reduce mobility of labour, thereby resulting in low quality goods being produced.
Taylor proposed rules related to standardization and control in order to gauge direct control of employees by the managers, which would in turn increase the work efficiency of the workers. It gives full authority to the managers to redesign, allocate or supervise the workers without giving due importance to the opinions or perceptions of the employees. According to this principle, it is not mandatory to consult the employees or to know their wants or preferences when making all-important decisions of the organization. This refers to a mechanistic organization, which is characterized by centralization of authority and formalization of strict procedures or practices down the hierarchy along with functional specialization. One application of standardization or direct control can be seen in the accounting firms where the supervisor accountants guide their operative accountants thereby boosting the efficiency of their lower rank accountants by simplifying the complex accounting processes for them. However, adoption of this process remains limited due to its inflexibility and lack of innovation and commitment by the employees. It may give rise to rigidity, which must be overcome in order to motivate the employees to a greater extent and give them the liberty to voice their opinions in certain matters.
Scientific selection
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