The Core Skill Of Learning Essay

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Reading is currently and has forever been the core skill of learning. While there are several different ways that children absorb information, it is important to acknowledge the way information is being distributed in the classroom. Students do not always learn or comprehend as quickly or as efficiently as their peers. This may have something to do with the way the information is being presented to them. Aside from set curriculum, when discussing reading comprehension, we must explore what strategies teachers use to help their students with reading comprehension. Students have different learning behaviors; therefore it is important that instructors differentiate their teaching habits to teach reading instruction inside of the classroom. In this document we will attempt to determine the best method for teaching reading inside of the classroom.
Learning How to Learn
In order to teach reading, it is important to learn how to learn. An idea that many overlook when it comes to a child being able to comprehend in a classroom environment is whether or not a student knows how to learn. Knowing how to receive information begins with whom the child is surrounded by prior to becoming school-age and whether or not learning is a primary practice in the household. “Learning to learn is defined as the capability to strive and endure in learning to adjust learner`s learning process over true and effective managing the time and information.” (Nejabati, 2015, p.1343). It is
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