The Core Sparks Of The Syrian Civil War

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Introduction: This paper will examine some of the core sparks of the Syrian civil war and will attempt to connect them to comparative politics. This paper will first discuss a brief relevant history on Syria which is important to the structure of the subsequent arguments, and by looking at the structure of the government and argument will be made about the nature of authoritarian regimes in sustaining social capital in developing countries. Also, this argument will lead to an examination of the suppression of civil society in Syria which contributed significantly to sparking the civil war. Syria has historically been a perpetrator or crimes against their people, even prior to the start of the civil war, and this paper will make the argument that those crimes were the core underpinnings of an opposition against the authoritarian government in control. This paper will also attempt to offer possible differences that Syrian could have implemented which could have helped the country avoid its civil war, specifically by addressing the structure of the government. Also by addressing Syria’s approach to democratization and opposition against the longstanding authoritarian government. The Syrian civil seemed to be an inevitability due to having an authoritarian regime in control and the sustained repression of civil society. The problem in Syria: One of the root causes for the start of the Syrian Civil War can be attributed to the structure of the government. The original Syrian

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