The Core Value Of Social Work

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The first core value of social work is service. The purpose of service is to simply help those in need. It is our duty to find the help and support that individuals need in order to function properly, both individually and socially. Social workers have the ability to see potential in individuals and it is our job to help individuals find that potential. It is also our duty to address social issues. In order to do provide the services needed for individuals, social workers must use their own source of knowledge, values, and skills. Social workers will do all of these things willingly and with an open heart. With the service of a social worker, clients are also linked to other services.
With having an interest in working with adoption centers in my future, I found an article relating to adoption and service. To start off, it should be stated that adoption in itself, is a service. It is a service to the child, the child’s parents, and the adoption center. There are many risk factors involved in adopting a child, therefore, the parents adopting, are participating in a huge service in itself. The second core value of social work is social justice. Social workers seek new ways to provide social change. They specifically seek ways to help vulnerable individuals. The main focus for social worker is poverty, unemployment, and discrimination. They strive to have meaningful participation in…

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