The Core Values Of A Christian Family

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Throughout my entire life, it seemed as though everything was centered around my family’s collective core morals and an unwritten ethic code instilled in me as I grew up. My family’s principles remain a major part of my life, especially as I begin the transition to independence in the adult world. Considering my family has always been one of the most important things to me, I have always placed value on what I have learned from them and where we come from. My big, small-town family gave me a sense of what it means to help others, how we can accomplish this goal, and for what reasons. Being raised in a close-knit, Christian family with strong values will assist me in understanding how to be successful in terms of compassion and …show more content…

I was lucky enough to grow up with so much support. Growing up like this taught me the importance of family and how to learn from them, which I believe led to an even deeper and rapid establishment of our family’s core values. My family as a whole has always taught me the importance of hard work, service, honesty, dependability, trustworthiness, and pure kindness. My Pappaw Buddy was like our superman; no matter what his physical condition was, he was always willing to help our neighbors. He never rested when he was supposed to because to him, there was work to be done. Another very important rule my family follows is to smile and speak to everyone you meet. Establishing meaningful connections has always been important to us, especially in our small-town setting. When my grandfather passed away, the entire town mourned; this showed me how many lives he really did touch, and how important it is to live for others. Since my family lived so close together, we had many family traditions that remain important. We gather for nearly every holiday for a meal and routine. For Easter every year, we have an Easter egg hunt and dinner at my grandmother’s house. For Christmas Eve, we always went to my great-grandparents house and had dinner and exchanged gifts. For Christmas, we celebrated at home, and then went to my grandmother's for breakfast with our cousins. The importance of all of the holidays we celebrated was that no matter what was going on in our lives,

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