The Core Values Of Social Work

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Throughout this course we learned the foundation of Social Work, how it began and how eventually it branched out. The importance of Social Policies, Social Justice, meeting all human needs and understanding the core ethical values of Social Work. We learned how it all began with the church, we can even go further back to the Native Americans and Pilgrim times. Where the first display of Social Work took place then and there, we were able to learn that with Edwin in his first Presentation that gave us a little history feedback on this subject. We learned that Social Welfare reflected the people of the community beliefs and values. If your views were opposite to those that were accustomed to society at that time determined whether or not you qualified for such aid. We also look at the conservative point of view, “ personal responsibility vs. government relief”. (class notes) They were opposed to taxation, they also supported safety nets. They believed that the tax structure should reward those who work vs. the wealthy.(class notes) These policies that were created were a way to have some sort of control on the people. How? Well, they were “designed to regulate, increase conformity and to create compliance. Which allowed the poor to stay socially controlled and regulated.” (class notes)
This is where the role of Social Work kicked in, through advocacy they wanted to created goal for equal fairness and opportunities and freedom. Also, the support of a non-violence community.…

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