The Core Values Of Social Work

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Statement of Purpose Social work concentrates not only on the wellbeing of society, but also the welfare of individuals, families, groups, and communities. Social work is a critical tool in acknowledging national controversial issues such as transparency in the government but can also address local concerns, like gang related activity within a community. It means seeing issues affecting daily lives and taking the initiative to enact a solution. Social work encompasses many facets such as community development, program development, public policy, intervention, and direct one-on-one communication. The core values of social work for me include the overall well being of society, social justice for all, equality, and dignity among individuals.…show more content…
Not long after, they enrolled her in school and extracurricular activities. She was getting the love and support as a young girl should, and she recognized it. She even said to me one day, “Ashley, I’m so lucky now.” I knew she was comparing her new opportunity to her old situation. As the school year went on, she formed a close bond with her foster brother and they even began to refer to each other as sibling. I witnessed the familial love grow organically between the family and Chelsea. After two years of being considered a foster child, the family was finally able to legally adopt Chelsea. The adoption day was incredibly meaningful to the whole family. Chelsea had a new last name and the family officially had a new daughter/sister. Working with Chelsea and the family, completely changed my views of the foster care and adoption system. I learned that children could grow to love their adoptive parents as their own, and vice versa. The experience can both be appreciative and enlightening for everyone involved. After college, I searched for a career in which I could continue to help children. Luckily, I was offered a position in the finance department at the Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII). I would be indirectly helping children, but nonetheless contributing. The Children’s Institute, Inc. is a non-profit organization focusing on comprehensive social services for infants, children, youth and the whole entire family. CII

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