The Core Values Of Zappos

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The holacratic model has, already, been adopted by for-profit and non-profit organizations in several countries. For the purpose of an incubation chamber, has been the first organizational reality to deploy it. Zappos is an online shoe and clothing shop founded in 1999 and owned by Amazon since 2009. During the negotiations with Amazon, internal management’s primary concern was to maintain the company culture intact throughout the acquisition process, because a culture that embraces the idiosyncrasies of each individual is what keeps the firm alive and healthy. Such an emphasis on employees manifested itself in drawing up the ten core values of the Zappos family:
• deliver wow through service;
• embrace and drive change;
• create fun and a little weirdness;
• be adventurous, creative, and open-minded;
• pursue growth and learning;
• build open and honest relationships with communication;
• build a positive team and family spirit;
• do more with less;
• be passionate and determined;
• be humble.

The company has, even, its own consulting unit to help others emulate the Zappos way and folklore. In 2015, Zappos formerly adopted Holacracy. One of Holacracy’s most significant innovations is making governance something that happens at every level of the organization. Governance becomes an ongoing process that happens in each circle, during the
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The business of designing and developing games also fits these criteria well, as Valve discovered. From Holacracy, in fact, Valve took the flat organizational structure, the focus on project teams and the fluidity of roles: everyone is a “strategist”, everyone is a designer, everyone can rightfully question each other’s
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