The Corfu Incident and the League of Nations

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In 1923 the situation in Europe was still unstable from the war. Simple occasions could cause big problems for each nation. On august 27, 1923 Enrico Tellini, Major Luigi Corti, Lieutenant Luigi Bonacini and an Albanian interpreter entered Kakavia which is near the town of Ioannina, within Greek territory. Referring to some Italian and Alabamian sources these 4 men got killed, but they did not get robbed. This action roused the Italians (Michael Brecher & Jonathan Wilkenfeld: A study of crisis).

In Italy Anti-Greek demonstrations broke out. Italians asked for a complete official apology from the Greek government, military honors for the bodies of the victims, full honors by the Greek fleet to the Italian fleet which would be sent to Piraeus (Greek harbor), a solemn funeral in the catholic cathedral in Athens in the presence of all the Greek Government, punishment for the guilty, an indemnity of 50 million lire within five days and a strict inquiry, to be carried out quickly with the assistance of the Royal Italian military. Also Italy demanded that Greece must reply within 24 hours ("Italian demands a minimum.". Recorder, Port Pirie, SA : 1919 - 1954)
Greece replied to Italy in 30 of August in 1923, accepting only 4 of the 7 Italian statements above. The leader of Piraeus will express the Greek Government's regret to the Italian Minister, a memorial service will be held in the presence of members of the Government, on the same day a guard will salute the Italian flag at
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