The Corn Planting

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Short Story Analyzer Short Story: The Corn Planting Author: Sherwood Anderson Element for Analysis Response/Evidence Significance Basic summary of the story: Major action of the story in five to eight sentences. Hatch Hutchenson lives in a small town, where he marries a schoolteacher and they have a son named Will. The Hutchenson family runs a farm even after their son Will goes into Chicago to attend school at the Art Institute as a cartoonist. At the Art Institute, Will meets a young man named Hal Weyman and they become good friends. Hal Weyman develops a strong relationship with the Hutchensons and visits them to read Will’s letters while he is still at the school. Hal receives a telegraph…show more content…
Stresses the necessity of people to remain where they are, continue the lifestyle taken on by their ancestors and prevent industrialization and technological advances by staying away from the dangers of the cities. Author’s Craft: From which point of view is the story told? How does the author change the form of the short story itself? How does the author use specific literary devices to achieve his/her objective? Consider point of view, symbolism, characterization, dialogue, imagery, allusion, foreshadowing, juxtaposition, dialect and other literary devices. 1st Person Narration- important in pertaining to this time period because the narrator does not reveal enough information for the reader to know the story is completely truthful, and the themes presented are not clear. As a result of the lack of clarity with themes, it leaves the story to be more open to the narrator’s opinion. Imagery- Hutchenson’s planting at night in their nightgowns conveys that they are in such a great deal of pain that in order to console themselves they simply revert back to what makes them feel safe- farming. The narrator watches as they plant corn in their nightgowns in a somewhat ghostly manner almost representing death. Pg. 818: “It was a thing to curl your hair- it was so ghostly. They were both in
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