The Corporate Culture of Carnival

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Carnival's Corporate Culture: The corporate culture of Carnival promotes competition in every brand organization and provokes each employee to develop innovative and effective means of improving business. The organization has a wide range of corporate resources that covers its marketing, finance, operations, human resources, and R&D departments. The diverse corporate resources across various departments accounts for the organization's strengths and weaknesses. Strengths of Carnival's Corporate Culture: Some of the major strengths of the organization's corporate culture in relation to its resources across various departments include: Marketing: One of the major marketing strengths of carnival in its marketing department includes its focus on offering its products in three major markets i.e. premium, contemporary, and luxury markets. Secondly, through the use of its travel agents who receive bonuses for promoting the organization, Carnival offers alternative land package vacations. Finance: The finance department has two major strengths for the corporation including the maintenance of the average collection period within its range even as passengers are required to pay deposits for reservation and full payment 2 months before their departure. The other strength through Carnival's finance resource is its exemption from U.S. taxes because it's a foreign registered company. R&D: Carnival's main advantage in its R&D department is the company's dependence on

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