The Corporate Governance Of Walmart

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Walmart is considered as the biggest retailer in United State and opening widely to over the world recently. The priority condition for its success firstly is come from the outstanding players of the corporate governance such as Board of directors and Activist Shareholders. These all creative and responsible leaders are required to possess ability for risk-taking willingness and control in order to govern company. In addition, the activist shareholders actively raise their voice in the policies and strategies’ approval. All in all, the excellent corporate governance they made ensures an accountable and integrity system operated. Board of Directors First of all, in Walmart, the Board of director is the most powerful governing authority who are responsible for setting the framework and management structure in general. It is committed to be operated in fairness and integrity in order to ensure the shareholders’ trust. Board of directors’ internal duty is to control mechanisms for good governance are adequate. This includes setting up legal existence, establishes company’s vision, key mission, strategic direction, selecting and appointing chief executives, governing the organization via policies and objectives to guide other agencies following up. All strategic decisions of the corporation would be raised and agreed by the board, such as hiring a CEO, approving to do a major financing or acquisition. Its primary responsibility is protecting shareholders’ asset as well as
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