The Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr ) Activities And Strategies Of A Blue Chip Company

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Introduction This paper seeks to analyse and critically investigate the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and strategies of a blue chip company, which has business operations in many different parts of the world. According to Schutz (2012, p125), corporate social responsibility has been defined as the proactive initiatives that a company undertakes with the main objective of solving a pre-existing problem, which directly affects the company’s clientele. These problems are usually communal in nature and by providing solutions to them; the company can impact an entire society. The company under review in this paper is a global beverage giant: Coca Cola. This paper will analyse its corporate social responsibility program from a holistic perspective in terms of its investment, impact and overall reach. The paper will also include a proposal for a CSR program, which the company will be expected to undertake within the next financial year.
Evaluation of Strategic CSR policies Implemented The Coca Cola Corporation was founded many decades ago with the overall vision and mission of the founders being to create a world class brand which, was to be globally accepted and to become the leading soft drinks manufacturer in the world (Coca Cola, 2014). This overall mission has greatly influenced the company’s operations and strategies both from a business perspective and also from a corporate social responsibility dimension as well. The primary objective of any business
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