The Corporate Social Responsibility Of The Emirates Airline

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In my report I will briefly mention about the CSR of Emirates Airline, Firstly CSR is very important for every company these days to achieve success in sustainable society and to stay in humans mind.

CSR Stands for: The Corporate Social Responsibility means that any company has the responsibility toward the community such as any social organization, more you work on CSR the more you will build trust and sustainable relationship with people.
CSR includes the satisfaction of the population together with maintaining a supportable environment.
Emirates Airline: Emirates is an air company established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Emirates airline is a branch of The Emirates Group, which is completely held by the administration of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum is the Chairman and Main Policymaking of Emirates Airline & Group.

Facts about Emirates Airline: 1st founded in 1985, and started its operation on 25-10-1985, 2nd Largest Airline in Middle East, 3rd It operates 3300 flights per week with 66725 Employees, 4th in 2017 Emirates mark esteem grows 17% to achieve US$7.7 billion, 5th Emirates aim to have over 320 aircraft by 2018. Main CSR responsibilities: Advance social interaction-enhance environment
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The objective of this enterprise is to support non-profit environmental or organizations by providing a funding award of up to $150,000. ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ is an outcome of Emirates’ commitment to achieve sustainability and environmental conservation. Through ‘A Greener Tomorrow’, Emirates is able to support organizations that work at the grassroots level in engaging with communities to conserve their environment. Emirates are pleased with the positive impact that the winners of ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ have had on their communities and they look forward to following their progress into the
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