The Corporate Social Resposibility of Multinational Corporations

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Regulations and Laws There are limitations for corporate social responsibility. Basic limitations are compliance with laws, cost, effectiveness and complexity. As a result of limitations, social responsibility activities of corporations may not satisfy society. The question “Is this our responsibility?” for a social issue, is something business managers facing very often. They are asking questions like “Is it affecting company?”, “Is the solution helpful and effective both for us and the society?” If answers are yes, they threat the problem as a social responsibility and this may be sufficient in term of laws. For example, if use of alcohol causes a serious safety risk in a workplace, company spending to train the employees may comply with laws But as the answers for the questions are "no" or "not sure", the top management of the company makes it necessary to think carefully and twice. Social spending made by companies may comply with the law and only if such spending support the interests of companies and help to the community at the same time, the income of shareholders legally acceptable in use. The decision related with the legality of any social activity is often taken by the senior management. While taking this important decision, the trouble should be taking into account by the long-term consideration. The activities should reflect the rotation map of the company. Do Corporations need Laws to feel responsible for social issues? Or if society expect higher social

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