The Corporate Soul is the Culture of an Organization

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Just as society has a culture, so has an organization. Organizational culture has been called ‘Corporate soul’ (Singh and Paul 1985). The spirit and the ethos that precolates all aspects of organizational behavior and like societal cultureit cannot be seen directly. It has to be inferred by peeling out the most external, tangible, and hence visible sheaths of an organization to the most central and invisible values, beliefs, and assumptions regarding how and why people work and relate with each other within an organization. Organizational culture consists of the following five layers (J.B.P Sinha 1990) :
1) Organizational mission, vision, goals, objectives, strategies and the underlying philosophy of management.
2) Organizational structure, systems, work forms, technology, capital structure, and other physical features of an organization.
3) Groups characteristics such as power and authority structure, group dynamics, leadership, and forms of work and social relationships.
4) Work and non- work practices and behavior.
5) Assumptions, beliefs, values, and norms regarding work as domains such as family, community, leisure, religion.

Organizational culture is a term widely used but one that seems to give rise to a degree of ambiguity in terms of assessing its effectiveness on change variables at a work place or in an Organization. Organizational culture at any organization is defined as “ A system of shared meaning held
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