The Corporate Strategy Of Nintendo

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Nintendo, when it was created, it became one of the most important video game companies in the world but, little by little it lost importance after the competition boom. The growing use of smartphones and tablets for gaming threatens the market for consoles specifically meant for gaming. The convenience and utility of having one product, like a smartphone or tablet, rather than multiple devices for different uses gives the smartphone an advantage. Main competitors are similar in size and power: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are the major players in the market today with approximately market shares of 56%, 27% and 17% in the US and 67%, 19% and 13% worldwide. Moreover, observing the next image, we can see that market of consoles was, in 2016,…show more content…
Nintendo is working as the leading company in its industry. They believe it is essential not only to provide products of the highest quality, but to treat every customer with attention, consideration and respect. Nintendo believes that leaving a better environment to the next generation is one of its most important responsibilities. Employees are also seen as a very important part of the firm, wanting to maintain an atmosphere in which talented individuals can work together as a team, this is why commitment and enthusiasm should be two of the crucial characteristics that an employee should hold to produce high quality products and support services. The strategy undoubtedly used by Nintendo is that of product differentiation since it offers its customers something new that none of the competitions has to offer, highlighted in the videogame market. Nintendo provides the 3D perspective that allows players to more easily calculate distances, while offering developers a new tool to create games and generate experiences that take advantage of height and…show more content…
Kimishima also confirmed in this interview that Switch will not support games designed for other consoles, demolishing some hopes of Nintendo fans about the well-known retrocompatibility that many desire of the next generation consoles. However, it also considers a future update with re-releases of games from previous systems. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said of the Nintendo Switch: "It can be difficult for consumers to really come to realize how convincing the new Nintendo Switch game style is"1. The president considered launching new initiatives such as traveling to a variety of different locations so that consumers can experience the unique fun of playing with Nintendo Switch on its
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