The Corpse Bride And Edward Scissorhands Analysis

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“We do not fear the unknown. We fear what we think about the unknown.” Is a quote from Teal Swan. This idea is incorporated into a lot of director’s movies, however, Tim Burton, a creator of many famous movies, would probably have one of the best understandings of this idea. This is through Burton’s constant use of ideas about the unknown in many of his films. Yet, these ideas of fearing the unknown and curiosity of the unknown are especially prominent in Burton’s films such as The Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands. There are a great amount of techniques Burton uses to convey these ideas of the unknown, but Burton typically uses techniques such as some sort of misfit protagonist that is different than most people and a judgmental…show more content…
He then becomes more of an outcast than he already was and now has to face the ridicule of his society. He then runs away to hide from everyone and is followed by Pegg’s daughter, Kim. Kim ends up making the neighborhood realize that Edward was innocent of stealing and only acted in self-defense when killing Jim. The neighborhood then realized they never should have feared Edward and then left Edward alone to enjoy doing what he loves. Both of these examples showcase that these misfit characters taught their own societies to never fear them or the unknown. Burton also tends to have a judgmental society to showcase further that society wrongly teaches people to fear the unknown. Such as in Edward Scissorhands, where the neighborhood was always too quick to judge Edward and automatically assumed the worst in him. This is especially present when the neighborhood assumed Edward had killed Jim for no reason and then tried to kill Edward themselves. This shows that the neighborhood harshly judges those who act outside of their unspoken rules. This also demonstrates that the neighborhood will only believe what they want to believe. In the end the neighborhood really only thought of Edward as something new that should bring joy to their lives, but then wrongly taught themselves to fear him. This technique is also evident in The Corpse Bride when the townspeople is struck by fear when the dead enter their

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