The Correct Performance Review system

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Module 3 Introduction At any employer, evaluations are a common strategy used to identify weaknesses and strengths. However, if the review is not conducted properly, it can often lead to bad feelings and animosity. In the case of Pamela, she is facing challenges in conducting such reviews. This is because she has very little leadership training and experience in working with people from different cultures. (Sandler, 2010) (Fox, 2009) (Mishory, 2004) As a result, her last review with Nolo was something that must be improved. To fully understand what happened requires examining: if the process is successful, the dangers of having a poorly designed / administered performance review and changes that need to occur at the company. Together, these different elements will provide specific insights about the most effective strategies for conducting these kinds of reviews. (Sandler, 2010) (Fox, 2009) (Mishory, 2004) Did this performance review process go as well as it could have? Why? What went wrong? Be specific. The performance review process is not working. This is because there are two different systems of evaluation. These conflicting opinions between the employee and the manager can create division and anger. In the case of Sue, she is failing to understand that Nolo is detailed orientated. This is a part of Japanese culture and he is having trouble understanding American traditions. To make matters worse, she is refusing to accommodate him by not listening to his
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