Essay on The Correlation Between Homework and Academic Success

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Ample research has been done on the correlation between homework and academic success with many opposing views. Research has shown that homework can be linked to better grades, improved standardized test scores, and more prepared students entering the post-secondary arena; however, this correlation is weak and the opposition has equal ammunition to support that there is no correlation between homework and academic success. There have been movements to abolish homework as well as movements to increase homework. Research has been done to show how homework has a negative effect on students as well as how it has a positive effect. Homework may be beneficial to academic success, but must have meaning to the student, must be measurable by …show more content…
In 1957 Russia launched Sputnik and America believed the education system had become too progressive and children needed to do more homework to compete in the global arena. School districts have various policies on homework and how much is required by grade level with elementary schools currently having the highest levels (The History of Homework: Purpose Over Pain).
Homework, longer school days, a longer school year, better teachers, higher standards, better test, and on and on it goes. America’s education system is falling behind in the world arena. Other countries are producing students with more knowledge in math, technology, science and everything else. In 1983 the Department of Education released a report focused on improving academic achievement. “A Nation At Risk,” stated, “Our society and its educational institutions seem to have lost sight of the basic purposes of schooling, and of the high expectations and disciplined effort needed to attain them.” The recommendations in the 1983 report included increased homework for high school students, teaching effective study and work skills, and longer school days. Twenty-five years later the Department of Education reviewed the outcome of the 1983 recommendations. Harris Cooper defines homework as “any task assigned by schoolteachers intended for students to carry out during non-school hours” (Cooper, Robinson, & Patall, 2006). Xu & Yuan found that students,
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