The Correlation Between Humans And Animals

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1. In this country we use animals for all sorts of uses, whether that has to do with medical testing or the other countless uses. But there has always been question’s when It comes to the human thought process is whether or not the animals are suffering? The way that I look at the correlation between humans and animals. I believe this reasoning can be acceptable because if a human steps on the tail of a dog, or brands a horse or a cow, these animals are suffering. They are in pain and they try to avoid these situations but this leads to more pain and suffering. But if someone in this country was being treated this way and was publicly documented, then there would be an uprising, if not a jail sentence or a death penalty. Or when it comes to the interests of the animals, as a human being who is given the moral capacity to weigh decisions between right and wrong is a human right. But we are obligated to take every things best interests in to account, whether that is a human or an animal. These interests are what help us make the most correct decision between animals because if we aren’t taking into full account of a situation that could possibly put harm or suffering to an animal is where we think about these interests. It’s hard to think about because humans are inclined to think what is best for them, while not taking into account of the others interests.
2. It is very easy to see the distinction between speciesism and anthropocentrism versus sexism and racism. Because
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