The Correlation Between Mental Health And Child Development

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According to NithyaPoornima, Hirisave, and Subbakrishna (2014), "In most countries children are considered a vulnerable group with special mental health needs" (p. 194); the correlation between mental health and child development is crucial to raising happy and healthy children. Children aged 0-5 years ' old will begin to and/or master developmental skills; these skills will include initiative vs. guilt, gross and fine motor skills, explore and test boundaries, and autonomy vs. doubt and shame. The three categories of child development include cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development; each domain utilizes activities to produce results for healthy child development.
Jean Piaget would classify these toddlers in the cognitive development stage he defined as pre-operational. Learning by this group is mainly achieved by symbolic thought. “Symbolic thought is the ability to mentally or symbolically represent concrete objects, actions, and events” (Seefeldt & Wasik, 2010, para. 1). Development of this nature is all about expanding and using thinking skills, not about getting information, therefore an activity such as ‘I Spy’, which directs the child by saying “I spy something yellow and round” and asks them to find what the adult is referring to, will cause the child to use symbolic thought to find that object. In their mind, the child must then analyze ‘what do I see that is yellow and round’; even if they do not know the name of the object, they can point to it,…
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