The Correlation Between Self Efficacy And Specific Aspects Of Abuse

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The survey results would be analyzed to discover any correlations between the three sections. I would correlate each of the demographic factors to the self-efficacy score to determine if any patterns emerge indicating that self-efficacy has an impact on lifestyle and experiences outside of abuse, or conversely, whether lifestyle has an impact on self-efficacy. This survey would be too limited to distinguish which is driving the other, except to say that a relationship of some kind exists, and that could provide a jumping-off point for future research. I would also correlate each participant’s self-efficacy score to the scores from the biographical area as subdivided into these categories: total number of incidents, past offender against…show more content…
To understand the variation in responses, I would identify the measures of dispersion for self-efficacy scores and each of the maltreatment subcategories (past and present, victim, and offender against minor and against partner incidents). Discussion Needless to say, this survey would in no way provide conclusive information regarding how to break the cycle of violence. It would, however, provide insight into the connection that may exist between a person’s level of self-efficacy and their experience of abuse, both as victim and perpetrator. This would be extremely beneficial to anyone involved in assisting abuse victims because it would provide the knowledge and motivation to help clients develop self-efficacy, thereby arming them with at least one of the requisite tools to safeguard them against becoming a victim or offender. My hope is that by enhancing victims’ self-efficacy, future generations can be spared because victims will go forward making healthier choices than did their predecessors. That is assuming, of course, that my hypothesis is correct, and a high level of self-efficacy is correlated to low involvement in the cycle of violence. Bandura, A. (1994). Self-efficacy. Retrieved April 26, 2016 from Berlin, L. J.,
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