The Correlation Between Self Efficacy And Specific Aspects Of Abuse

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The survey results would be analyzed to discover any correlations between the three sections. I would correlate each of the demographic factors to the self-efficacy score to determine if any patterns emerge indicating that self-efficacy has an impact on lifestyle and experiences outside of abuse, or conversely, whether lifestyle has an impact on self-efficacy. This survey would be too limited to distinguish which is driving the other, except to say that a relationship of some kind exists, and that could provide a jumping-off point for future research.
I would also correlate each participant’s self-efficacy score to the scores from the biographical area as subdivided into these categories: total number of incidents, past offender against partner incidents, current offender against partner incidents, past offender against minor incidents, current offender against minor incidents, past victim incidents, and current victim incidents. All that correlating would be daunting, but would clarify the connection between self-efficacy and specific aspects of abuse. I would use the basic descriptive statistics of mean, median, and mode to give an overall picture of the survey results. That would involve identifying not only the mean self-efficacy score, but also the mean number of maltreatment incidents as a current and past victim, as a current and past offender against a partner, and as a current and past offender against a minor. Again, breaking it into specific categories would…
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