The Correlation between Creativity and Madness

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INTRODUCTION: Brief comment on the subject matter leading to thesis statement There lies a link between creativity and madness and the association stems from the need of an unconventional thought process to spark creativity and biological factors surrounding the brains of both creative individuals, and mentally ill patients. Could it be Madness? A correlation between a more creative individual and a mentally ill patient exists, and it is highly likeable that the former could be the latter. The issue of whether great mental abilities, whether it’s creativity in crafts such as arts or literature, or high intellectual skills in engineering or sciences, is linked to madness and melancholy has always been a controversy; a cultural notion that…show more content…
Kyaga et al. (2013) signify this claim and reassure it by a 40 years long study on around a million participants, indicating that mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disease are specifically associated with a more creative individual. Therefore, with such findings, a relation between creativity and mental illness can’t be left unnoticed. A Fine Line Creativity, in most crafts and professions, needs the unconventional and uncanny thought process of those who are mentally ill. The flexibility in thought provided by mental disorders gives their beholders a great valuable trait which others don’t have. With mental disorders such as severe depression and bipolar disorder comes a great enhancement in the thought process and provides racing ideas to their minds as discussed by (Gayford, 2007). Those thoughts and ideas though, do not have to create an individual who is creative but, with a spark of intelligence, this becomes the fuel which provides the fire to a mind of pure genius. Different types of mental illnesses stir different types of creativity. Research findings show that a link between different types of crafts and specific types of mental illnesses is present. Clearly, not every mental patient will necessarily be creative nor does a creative individual have to be mentally ill. But certain
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