The Correlation between Poverty and Gender Inequality

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Sowmiya (X-B) Topic: Poverty and Inequality Key Question: To what extent do poverty and gender inequality affect each other? INTRODUCTION: Gender equality, women’s empowerment and good standard of living (financial stability) are important in their own rights. Today gender inequality is not only a cause of women’s poverty but also a barrier to tackling general poverty.Gender inequality impacts on whether women can benefit from development. Unequal distribution and control of resources between women and men, women’s social role as care-takers and the unequal distribution of household tasks and gender-based violence are a few cause of women’s poverty. Women’s poverty, when at a large scale, greatly influences the rates of general poverty. Also, there is another simple connection between gender inequality and poverty—gender inequality hinders progress across development outcomes (causing poverty); a high proportion of women come to live in poverty; poverty exacerbates gender gaps; thus gender inequality and women’s disempowerment increases and cycle continues. It is very much evident that poverty and women disempowerment is interdependent. I chose this topic to analyse how the extent of influence of poverty over gender inequality and vice versa varies at the global, national and local levels. GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: Throughout the developing world, women are made responsible for all household chores. All
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