The Correlation of Deforestation with Soil Erosion

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Clearing an open space such as forest leads to soil erosion, which is a common issue uprising in this decade. Deforestation, industrial construction and mining activities bring a huge impact to the ecosystem. The environmental damages through sedimentation, pollution and increased the rate of flooding are causes raised by the soil erosion (Morgan, 2005). Soil erosion is defined as removal of soil surface by the water or wind (Blanco & Lal, 2008). According to Bruijnzeel and Critchiey (1994), the runoff surface usually started at either hillside hollows or concave foot slopes nearby the streams. Wall et al. (n.d.) stated that the climatic forces such as rain falls, frost and wind further the run off upon the land with various conditions of slope and vegetation types. The relation of deforestation with the soil erosion is observed due to root system that provided by the trees. The presences of the trees minimise the runoff of the soil because the root system plays its role as holder. That is why trees are very essential as the tree's roots hold the topsoil together. They also help in root penetration and in aeration. Myers (1992) asserted that the effect of rainfall causes more soil erosion in the land that has deforestation compared to other land in the Earth. Shelton et al. (n. d.) also mentioned that…
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