The Correlations Between Karl Marx 's Social Conflict Approach Theory And Bullying

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This paper explores the correlations between Karl Marx’s Social Conflict Approach Theory and bullying. It defines and gives examples of the theory, bullying and its multiple forms, as well as using an article provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP): Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a government funded website dedicated to help educate people about bullying, its forms, and how to stop it, and lastly a study website created by a teacher or professor that explains, defines, and outlines Marx’s Social Conflict Theory. In the essay, the survey conducted in the CDCP article of several thousands of middle and high school students is used to provide statistics in support of showing that there is a statistically proven reason for why some children end up as bullies or victims. It also provides a link between bullying victims and the mental health issues that can result of it, and the role that substance abuse has in a percentage of students who reported themselves as bullies. Further along in the essay, methods from the bullying government website that can help lower bullying in school are provided. Social Conflict Approach and Bullying Children today days now have a wider range of ways than in previous years of ways to bully tease their peers, but it is not just these new resources that are causing a rise in bullying rates, it’s also due in large parts to social situations that these children are growing up in and seeing, and even taking part in

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