Essay about The Corrupted Food on Our Tables

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America has changed in the past decades becoming more innovative, efficient, and industrialized. Due to the changes in how our industries (Food; in this case) function, small family-owned farms have disappeared leaving large, industrialized production units that grow livestock in masses for the benefit of the Large Corporations such as Tyson Foods Inc. The legal definition of Animal Cruelty is…”Acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals” (Animal Cruelty). The red barn with white framing, the bright green pasture with cows grazing, and the respectable family who owns the land as seen in many commercials is a myth. Farming mechanisms have changed to increase production of livestock but what are the consequences faced by these…show more content…
Humans who choose to eat both meat and vegetables will continue to exist because meat provides humans with the necessary nutrients for normal body function including protein and iron. Being a herbivore or omnivore is a personal choice but animals will continue to be brutally abused if they aren’t being advocated for. Factory farming is a negligent act towards non-human animals. Gene Baur states that, “factory farms confine animals by the thousands in massive warehouses, treating them like production units rather than as living, feeling individuals.” Animals whom are confined within the walls of factory farms often have no access to the outdoors and spend their time in small crates that don’t allow much room for the animals to move around (Factory Farm). “Dairy and beef cattle on factory farms do not have access to pasture where they could express their natural behavior (and ideal diet) of grazing” (Factory Farm). Factory farms take away from an animal’s right to roam the empty fields, graze, and feel the sunshine upon their skin. The warehouses that livestock is housed in is an example of negligence. Factory farms fail to provide these animals with healthy, stable, and free-roaming environments to grow and develop until they are transported to the slaughterhouse. Namit Arora states that, “In the United States, farm animals make up a whooping 98 percent of all birds and mammals humans use, the rest being pets, victims of research and sport, or

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