The Corruption Of Cairns Police Essay

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Few doubted the ubiquitous corruption of Cairns police in the early years of the 20th century, with the local cops so notoriously crooked that even newspapers in far off Brisbane reported on their transgressions.

When lawyer Percy Le Vaux represented property owner Peter Lumberg in an action against a watch-house constable for filching his watch during Lumberg 's overnight incarceration, the Brisbane Truth saw light at the end of the tunnel, believing this spark would ignite the fire that brought the entire criminal edifice tumbling down. “So it has come, at last,” announced the paper. However, a magistrate dismissed the charge, and nothing changed.

Undeterred, Truth continued to publish veiled allegations that the police took bribes from criminal overlords whose Sachs St enterprises included illegal gambling, sly grog shops, opium dens and whore houses. So, intent on quietening the annoying journalists, the Police Commissioner transferred north Inspector Herbert Rowland Pasley Durham, a senior officer of impeccable credentials, but again, nothing changed.

Until 5th September 1905.

On that date, a different inspector, the Inspector of Nuisances, discovered the aforementioned Lumberg hacked to death in the bush on the outskirts of town. Undoubtedly a stingy old bugger, the unmarried and wealthy Lumberg invested money made in the gold rush years in houses, which he rented out, though, not caring for the luxury of a house himself, he instead lived in a shed. In fact,
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