The Corruption Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

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World Author Project Rough Draft Arthur Hailey’s novels prove to be a success to this day, and his works develop and virtually perfect a highly efficient and profitable process of novel writing. Whether writing about the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry (Strong Medicine), or the airline industry (Airport), Arthur Hailey follows each novel along with the same formula, creating a duality between his novels. Hailey’s novels fall under the ‘sociological fiction’ genre, implying his understanding of soft science-fiction and bitter reality creating the prefaces of his novels. Hailey intertwines a mixture of the real and fictitious aspects of reality, and this remains evident through his setting and characters in the novels. His novels introduce a new brand of writing: created through the development of the post-war novel and his novels politically reflect the reforms his novels revolve around. After rigorous and thorough research for years on the background of his novels, Hailey begins to write, incorporating the influences of worldly affairs in his novels. Hailey, being born on April 5, 1920 at the end of the first World War and the beginning auras surrounding the ‘Roaring Twenties’, writes his novels surrounding many world views and affairs. Hailey’s novels reflect the times of the world, and his novels indefinitely do not shy Singh 2 away from giving excess information, evident through his 500 page novels in the span of his career. Hailey is a writer of realism, and
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