The Cositive And Positive Impact Of The Internet On Children

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1. Introduction According to Lachine (2013) “the Internet is a network of interlinked computers, networking globally to channel information to people.” The Internet has masses of information relating to various disciplines such as academic, social, business and even government. Children across the world are exposed to all this information, whether good or bad. As Yan (2006, p.418) says “what the internet doing to our children is giving them to information which is not appropriate for their discretion.” The information that children are exposed to either hinders or enriches their social and cognitive development. However, it is not easy to accurately measure the positive and negative impacts of internet on children. As Galvin (2011, p.15) says “building on the distinction between risk and harm itself, research and policy on children’s online risk faces particular problem in measuring harm and therefore risks.” The way in which children perceive the internet can be studied or understand both technically and socially. In terms of the technical aspects, the Internet has a positive impact on children because it enables them to search for material for school projects and enriches their knowledge on academic subjects. On the other hand, socially the internet exposes children to dangerous material such as,…show more content…
Children can use the Internet to research for projects and academics related information. According to Davidow (2008, p.85) the internet is a great source of information for the children of today. Therefore the internet is great form of assistance for children whose parents don’t have the time to assist them with their homework, assignment of projects. They can also use the internet to communicate with friends and family members who are not in their immediate environment. The Internet is a cheap and efficient way for children to keep in touch with loved

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