The Cosmetic Surgery Industry Is No Different

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In modern America, media dictates opinions of society from the types of clothing worn to the political candidates supported; the cosmetic surgery industry is no different. With popular television shows Extreme Makeover, the general public is inundated with images promoting the use of cosmetic surgery to achieve the societal view of what is beautiful. The stereotypical definition of beauty is vast, but has several common factors, such as: full lips, large breasts, small waists, and curvy hips. For most women, these traits do not come naturally, therefore women feel obligated to spend thousands of dollars and risk their health to undergo cosmetic procedures. Due to the influx of those seeking cosmetic surgery, physicians are looking for more innovative ways to differentiate themselves in the market. Some have followed Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the self-named Dr. Miami, in posting videos of their day, including patients on the operating table, to social media outlets. While there are numerous reasons why someone would choose to go under the knife, the American media promotes an unrealistic standard of beauty that may influence this decision. Certainly, whether it is a self-esteem or a psychological issue, potential patients feel the need to conform to societal norms. While legitimate reasons exist to undergo cosmetic surgery, the majority of potential patients are doing so for cosmetic reasons (Sexton et. al. 3). “There are three kinds of cosmetic procedures, though they

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