The Cosmic Race By Jose Vasconcelos

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As we begin to go on an excursion through literature, it is important to understand the concept of what an ethnography is. Ethnography is known to be a descriptive type of work that analyzes culture and customs of individual people. James Clifford has implemented this work into his studies and has influenced many others to do the same. I saw through the books I have read, ethnography makes these books become vivacious for a reader. In “The Cosmic Race”, by Jose Vasconcelos, he discusses throughout the book about numerous races and emphasizes that the fifth race known to be “mestizo” would overpower any race, and dominate the future. Although, throughout the book he argues reasons why one race would be on top of the pyramid, he contradicts himself numerous times in his arguments that leaves readers questioning, and a little confused. His writing style is somewhat jumbled that it takes time to grasp what he is trying to convey. Overall, it was a bizarre reading that it was hard to grasp his ideas, and had my mind in a labyrinth. First, Vasconcelos mentions these four main races; Mongols, blacks, whites, and Native Americans. Also, he states that Latin Americans have begun interracial relationships that have created the “mestizo” or a mixed race. In the reading, he mentions that mestizo races will slowly evanescent white people from the top of the hierarchy or pyramid as the prominent race. He quotes, “Whites will try to take advantage of their inventions for
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