The Cosmological Aargument

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The Cosmological Argument The Cosmological argument infers that the existence of the universe is due to the existence of God. Plato bought about one of the oldest arguments between 428-327 BCE. Plato believed that there is a self moving principle from which all change and motion originated. This principle is the core which is responsible for the world. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century developed Plato’s views; however this development was with a theistic principle. The first three of the five ways produced was about the cosmological argument. Aquinas believed in the god of classical theism. The cosmological argument is a probability argument because it’s an a posteriori argument which takes its principles from an observation of the…show more content…
This means we would never reach today. Time began when the universe began. Events are caused. The beginning of the universe was an event. Therefore there must have been a cause, this first cause was God. William Lane Craig another 20th century philosopher till present argued that the universe cannot be infinite, because you cannot add to an actual infinite amount. Since the universe is finite =, it must have a beginning. Whatever exists must have a cause. Therefore the universe has a cause to its existence. If the world had a beginning it either came naturally or through personal choice. The laws of nature only existed when the world did. There were no natural causes to bring the world about. Therefore it cannot be that the world came due to random forces of nature. There must have been some personal agency involved. This personal agency must have existed outside of space and time. Therefore this personal agency is a translucent being; the cause of the universe must be a personal being who freely chooses to create the world. Leibniz explained the cosmological argument in terms of the principle of sufficient reason, the principle of sufficient reason states that nothing is without ground or reason. If the universe had always been in existence, it would need an explanation. It is necessary to decide why there is something rather than nothing. Going backwards in time forever will not give a complete explanation.

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