The Cost Benefits Of Higher Education

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The purpose of higher education is known to supposedly provide students with an excess amount of knowledge and information to find a career of their interest. Unfortunately, not everyone receives what they had expected from attending college and to some it has made them worst off. And, because of those negative outcomes advocated like Goldie Blumenstyk the author of “American Higher education in Crisis” explains why it happens and what to think of them. There are many complaints regarding higher education such as, the high expenses of attending, not being able to find a job, to much time being invested, and many more. With that being said, is it really worth attending college? To evaluate those concern one must gather information on the cost benefit-analysis of obtaining a bachelors degree.
A bachelors degree is like having access to a higher tier of jobs meaning, higher pay. Without one, many companies do not even bother letting individuals participate for an interview. And because of that, it has a huge incentive for students to receive one, but what if students do obtain a B.A. and do not receive a high paying job or a none at all? Was college a waste of time and money then? Many questions of awareness can be raised, but figuring out if the cost of higher education is worth the investment is most important. That is most important because in order to figure that out, all the major problems higher-education seems to produce as well as the benefits must be addressed and
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