The Cost Of An Electronic Medical Record ( Emr )

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The expense of implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) will be one of the most costly expenses a healthcare organization will encounter regardless of the size of the organization. The organization will face many ethical and legal challenges with the implementation of EMR and depending on the size of the organization may experience many organizational issues as well. The Affordable Care Act is pushing for national EMR implementation. In order to accomplish goal, it will be necessary to work through the many ethical, legal, and organizational challenges healthcare systems will face implementing EMR.
The cost of an EMR system is an ongoing expense with a significant initial cost. There are many financial considerations involved in implementing an integrated EMR similar to the EMR utilized by Mayo Clinic. A fully integrated system will include costs for each facility, as well as the central costs at corporate headquarters.
The CIO Consortium (2011) completed a cost study of evaluating, deploying, and operating an EMR system at a 25-facility chain providing nursing care and rehabilitation services. While the fees in this cost study may be different from what is required at another type of facility, the cost study includes many financial considerations. The type of implementation will determine the central cost fees. One option is the software as a service option. This would involve central headquarters contracting directly with the EMR vendor, costing an annual…

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